All’s Fayre in Love and Craft

I have been advised that it might be time for another craft blog (woo yay) and I suppose this might be quite a good juncture, as I’m gearing up to do the Brecon Women’s Fair with my sister this weekend. Since Christmas I have been furiously crafting like nobody’s business in order to make sure I’ve got some decent stock to take.

Now on one hand I am quite excited to be able to display and potentially sell my wares. It’s getting to the point now where I haven’t actually got more friends, family or wall space to display it myself, and the validation from strangers will be quite welcome.

On the other hand, I hate trying to price things with a passion. I am useless at keeping track of materials (I am more of a “that looks fun! I’ll buy it and give it a go in a couple of months” kind of girl than a “I’ll keep the receipt and note the price of how much this costs”). I’ve got threads and card coming out of my ears and a multitude of odds and sods that I’ve accumulated over the years. that’s not even starting on the “my time = minimum wage” deal. I completely understand that there are thousands of artists who make their work and it is horribly unfair to undercut them, but I am of the slightly self-effacing mind set that I am doing most of this stuff because I enjoy it, it soothes me and I would be doing it regardless.

I think this is how I know I will never be able to go into business as a self employed craft entrepreneur (though if anybody wants to volunteer to be my customer facing, tax deciphering, snack bringing manager – I am totally ready for you). I still dream deep within my heart of hearts that one day I will be the new Kirsty Allsop and will have my own studio with giant windows, hipster redbrick interior walls and old fashioned cabinets full of all sorts, but I’m becoming more settled to the idea of just continuing my hobbies and hoping other people like them enough to give me a tenner now and then.

With all that being said, it hasn’t stopped me from ordering my own business cards…


Look how professional it looks! I even have a little metal stand for them….

Anyhoo, in regards to the items themselves, I’ve got a bit of a selection on the go. Very much like my personality, I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to trying hobbies and I like to try my hand at as many things as I can. I’ve decided this time to limit myself to embroidery and paper bits (just for the sake of ease) and see if I can get rid of some of those stockpiles.

1) Kusudama Flowers

Originating from Japanese culture, Kusudama is combination of two words – kusuri (medicine) and tama (ball), and are presents thought to have been delivered to sick patients as a long lasting alternative to flowers or herbs. Made out of decorative card, I find these delightfully satisfying and rewarding to make. Admittedly, they can take a while to assemble and you do have to wander round covered in paper cuts and boxes full of fiddly paper bits, but they really are beautiful when they’re completed. I’ve only got a few of these left over from last year’s Christmas drive, but they might at least lure a few people in. I think I will do a full post on these in the future, because they really do deserve the press.


2) Calligraphy Cards

I had a bit of a mad month or two on these about a year ago and they never really went anywhere sadly. Under direction though, I’ve made a couple of prints of each and hopefully they’ll appeal to some people. They’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re very enjoyable to do – and they do say practice makes perfect!


3) Pattern Designs

These are the kind of thing that can be done at any time and don’t involve anything too taxing. A simple outline, a repetitive pattern, and an evening veg’ing in front of the telly and bam – a lovely little piece with patchwork bunny on it.

3.5) XXXstitch – not for the faint of heart

My new MOST FAVOURITE thing in the whole world ever (no matter how much it makes my mother purse her lips). Bringing sweet and pretty sewing together with super crass vulgarities is just a combination that makes me smile. I’ve had a ball of a time googling calligraphic examples of c*nt and learning new stitches in order to make phrases involving the word f*ck look more dainty.


I don’t know if any of my items will wow people or cause a new sensation (though I can secretly hope), but I have enjoyed doing them. If I get a day out at a craft fair and maybe enough money to buy something from another stall, it will count as a win in my book.


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