Tis the Season to get blogging

Happy Holidays one and all! I hope everyone is very merry and stuffed to the absolute gills? We are but half way through our festivities as I type – the perks of having family who see fit to strew themselves throughout the country with gay abandon. Odd though it may seem to some, I actually quite enjoy travelling here, there and everywhere in an effort to catch up with everyone. Admittedly, Ross might not feel quite the same, but such is life for me as the eternal passenger. There’s something very comforting about driving down long country roads with a book in hand and a footwell full of presents. 

A lovely little view

This year, very much like last year, we mostly asked for charitable donations to be made in place of presents. On one hand – disgustingly hipster (but come on, have you seen our glasses?!), however on the other hand it’s just right for us. We already have so much stuff it’s like living in a hoarders dream palace, and as much as I love presents it just seems more logical and in the spirit to ask people to put their funds towards those who need it. On no account does that mean I expect anyone else to give up their presents though – and indeed I have still received some lovely gifts that are much appreciated. A year long National Trust membership from my wonderful madre and step padre has already been utilised, and Ross and his clan have outdone themselves on my behalf.

Anyway, we’re off to the wilds of Wales now (second time) for dinner the third, after a quick stop off at home to see the team and give the cat some much needed cuddles (or is that see the cat and give the team some much needed cuddles?

would like to say that this picture looks a lot more like a hostage situation than a cuddle, but he was actually enjoying himself immensely. Honest.

We’ve had to leave Molly for a few days as well, though worry not – she’s not been deserted. She’s being looked after by a friendly lady from down the road who has happily offered to walk Benji and take Molly to hers for a festive tipple. It was a lovely goodbye though, I feel she’s outgrown the years when she threatened to overdose in case we thought about not coming back. She just told us to have a lovely time and be safe on the roads, and then gave us the most adorable hugs and kisses – it was like being cuddled by a crinkly little Yoda in a purple dressing gown. She might be a tyke some times, but gosh she’s a sweetheart too. I did a bit emotional afterwards, but that could have been the couple of glasses of sherry I had to down in quick succession, because by god she will not allow the festive season to go by untoasted.

Still so much to look forward to – I hope you’re all planning on slobbing about and eating your own body weight in leftovers during the next few days. We’ve got a bit more travelling (surely not! I hear you cry) and then some nice little day trips planned (hurray for ikea and Snowdon!), so I shall leave you now, but wish you all many felicitations and good will in the year to come. See you on the other side. 


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