Hearts and Crafts – The Cross Stitch Edition

Today’s post brings us to the wonderful world of Craft (please note the use of a capital “C” – denoting what a Serious Business this is).  

With Christmas marching steadily and commercially closer (in case you couldn’t tell by the sudden influx of tinny sounding festive tunes and naff decorations in all the shops) I thought I could use this time to share some of the festive craft staples that I wheel out on a yearly basis. My creative arsenal contains a wide variety of craft weaponry that I will be happy to share with you all as the days draw in. Together, we will plumb the depths of darkest wool cupboard and discuss the muscular merits of GIANT knitting, or perhaps go on a delightful adventure to discover just how many weird and wonderful ways you can fold a piece of paper. Truly, there are so many projects I have turned my hand to (with varying degrees of success) that my poor Neens is running out of room to house all the embroidery swatches and origami pinecones that I have gifted to her. Seriously, she has more homemade craft than any supportive grandma could ever want.

At the moment however, I’m fully in the swing of a cross stitch groove. There’s something so satisfying about the little in and out motion of the needle (minus the occasional finger stab), and the slight rasp of cotton as it pulls through the aida. I don’t care what anyone says, embroidery is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there and I will fight you if you disagree.

This time round, I’m working on one or two pieces that I can’t share due to the Santa Secrecy Act of 2016 (omg Christmas secrets!), but I’ve started a couple of little background projects just to keep me ticking over whilst I plan my next present. Over the weekend, I whipped up a little bee/hexagon design which I found immensely soothing. Repetitive patterns have the joyful benefits of being both very simple to do and always looking snazzy. You can spice them up with a gradation of colour or just leave them classically simple, but they’re also going to work.


Bee-gun. (Images courtesy of the Man Muffin, who is thoroughly into the photography lark)


Bee-done! (I am so so sorry for the awful puns. Please enjoy a picture of my cat as an apology)

Cross stitch also has the convenience of being something you can put down, leave for 3 years and then pick up as easily as if you never stopped. I’ve got tons of half done designs of hot air balloons and flamingos and the like just waiting for a rainy afternoon and a good film to be finished. To be honest, the main problem I have, like any true craft addict, is having too many ideas and not enough room. In fact I’ve got a couple of old faithfuls that I’ve done over the years that sit in my craft box (read – huge set of drawers) who are all dressed up with no place to go. *Hint*– if you have a supportive grandma lacking some cross-stitch this year, now is the time to let me know…you could be prepared for anything this Christmas with some super cute cross stitch! *wink wink*

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the craft sphere I inhabit on a daily basis, and are prepared for the mountains of tutorials and gratuitous displays I have still to go.

 Speak to you soon my little Christmas Puddings




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