Halloween – Hijinks Galore

So this morning found me chillin’ at the bus stop in full Morticia Addams regalia. Long black wig, masses of face paint and a full length dress (with beautiful lace sleeves dutifully sewn on by my own personal Gomez). A pretty standard affair if I’m honest.

This is actually an outfit I’ve rocked before, circa Team Halloween Party 2014. We kitted ourselves out rather fantastically as the Addams Family – including an ironically short Lurch, The Thing (a full black morph suit minus one glove) and Uncle Fester who started the day as a very beardy man and ended it as clean-shaven completely bald one.

    One for the family album

A bromance to last the test of time

She’s an old faithful though, and a character that I’m happy to embody time and time again – I love everything about Morticia and her Family and will not hear a negative word said against them. A close-knit and supportive group; they are paragons of the family life we should all be aiming for. Encouraging of children and their hobbies, welcoming to strangers – even those who don’t agree with the lifestyle, and unafraid to be passionate about each other, I would challenge anyone to find a better bunch of role models out there.

Speaking of joyous Halloween themes, Day of the Dead is another one I am completely for. The physicality alone draws me to it but what can be more lovely that dressing up in a fashion that honours a festival where family and friends gather together to remember lost loved ones and celebrate their lives?

Todays’ montage is brought to you by the number “6” and the adjective “drunk”. I mean who doesn’t love bright face paint and homemade flower crowns?

The more you look at it, the more it seems that true romantics should look to celebrate Halloween as the festivity of love, rather than bloody (and I use the term in it’s literal sense) Valentine’s Day.

Sod Romeo and Juliet, and don’t even get me started on the Joker and Harley Quinn. Give me a love like Morticia and Gomez any day. 

Farewell for now, Cara Mia.


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