And so it begins. Again.

Image result for beginning again

How many times can one person start a blog, you might ask?

Surely there should be some kind of limit; a law that stops the cluttering up of the internet with the inane ramblings of yet another English graduate desperate to start a lucrative career as a world famous “blogger”.

However, as I sit here trying to come up with yet another pithy introductory post, it would appear no such limit exists. Four abandoned blogs and countless dismissed drafts later, I’m back at the gate with a dream in my heart and hopefully enough staying power to actually commit this time.

I would like to say that I will endeavour to post only well-written, poignant and topical articles about state of our social and political climate or the struggles facing feminism in the twenty-first century. To be honest though, it is more likely to be 87% of me sharing my thoughts on hilarious cat videos or the joys or hair dying and limited attention paid to any real world issues. Still, every little helps, or so Molly (my pet old lady) keeps telling me. (Expect more on her later)

Anyway, I have always been encouraged to keep things like this brief and so I will sign off here, hopefully leaving you wanting more and not gently shaking your head with a kind of saddened disappointment.

Until next time, mon petit chou



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